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Sex Workers' Art Show, Jan/Feb 2008

January 14, 2008

The critically-acclaimed Sex Workers Art Show is coming to perform in my town! (And maybe yours too!)

Yeah, I know: Holy Crap!

It’s going to be marvelous! The show will hit Duke University’s Reynolds Theater on Sunday, Feb. 3rd.

I will definitely be there, and I will definitely be sending out reminders as the date approaches!!!!

Tour Schedule


The Sex Workers Art Show is an eye-popping evening of visual and performance art created by people who work in the sex industry to dispel the myth that they are anything short of artists, innovators, and geniuses!

The wildly successful cabaret-style show is hitting the road again, bringing audiences a blend of spoken word, music, burlesque, and multimedia performance art. Intelligent and hot, disturbing and hilarious, the performances offer a wide range of perspectives on sex work, from celebration of prostitutes’ rights and sex-positivity to views from the darker sides of the industry.

Featuring the best body in burlesque Dirty Martini, porn star and writer Lorelei Lee, feminist writer and cultural critic Chris Kraus, comic queen of cleavage the World Famous *BOB*, award-winning writer Kirk Read, musical theatre mutineer Erin Markey, dominatrix Keva I. Lee, and internationally legendary performance artist Krylon Superstar.

The show includes people fro mall areas of the sex industry: strippers, prostitutes, dommes, film stars, phone sex operators, internet models, etc. It smashes traditional stereotypes and moves beyond “positive” and “negative” into a fuller articulation of the complicated ways sex workers experience their jobs and their lives. The Sex Workers Art Show entertains, arouses, and amazes while simultaneously offering scathing and insightful commentary on notions of class, race, gender, labor, and sexuality.

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