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Desiree Alliance Conference – The Audacity of Health: Sex Work, Health, and Politics

December 13, 2012
Originally published on Bound, Not Gagged

5th Desiree Alliance Conference – The Audacity of Health: Sex Work, Health, & Politics

July 14-19, 2013 Las Vegas, NV

Registration is Now Open for the 5th Desiree Alliance Conference

Early Registration Deadline: January 15, 2013

Please read the registration details below to begin the process.

The Desiree Alliance is a national social justice organization that is led by current and former sex workers in coalition with health professionals, social scientists, educators, and their supporting networks focused on building leadership, capacity-building, organizing and constructive activism for sex worker rights and autonomy.

As we prepare for our 5th national conference, our priority will be centered on health, sex work, human rights, and following-up with the XIX International AIDS Conference (July 2012) and the 9th National Harm Reduction Conference (Nov 2012).

The Desiree Alliance conference is a forum for people who have experience in sex work and sex trade and allies of sex workers.  Sex work includes working as an exotic dancer, hustler, webcam model, street-based sex worker, massage worker, escort, prostitute, tantric practitioner, sexological bodyworker, living with the support of a sugar-daddy or a sugar-mama, having sex for housing / food / clothing, drugs, or having sex to get the money needed to survive.  Our membership base is made up of current and former sex workers as well as activists that do not identify as sex workers themselves, but advocate for sex worker rights. Desiree Alliance is made up of women, men, LGBTQI persons, transgender persons, herm-identity, Other, hetero, etc., and many of our members are from (non)working class low and middle income backgrounds.

Desiree Alliance is committed to bring diversity that aims to provide safe spaces for the most marginalized to the least marginalized sex worker, providing education, networking, and alliance-building opportunities regardless of socio-economic status, color, sexuality, sexual identity, culture, class, race, religion, physical or mental capabilities, gender, gender identities, age, size, political beliefs, or immigrant status.

Based on our limited funding capacities, Desiree Alliance provides a number of scholarships to people from groups that have often been marginalized from organizing for sex worker rights. We invite diverse sex workers to apply including people of color, immigrants, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans-people, differently- abled/disabled people, senior citizens and others to apply. Visit:

Call for Proposals for individual tracks for the conference are available  at:
Please begin the registration process for the Conference ASAP!

Early Registration Deadline: Nov. 15th thru January 15th, 2013    $150.00
Regular Registration Deadline: January 15th thru April 15th, 2013  $200.00
Late Registration Deadline: April 15th thru July 7th, 2013     $250.00
Please see additional information at:

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  1. Ant permalink
    April 22, 2013 4:53 pm

    Are you going?

  2. Ant permalink
    March 2, 2016 2:15 pm

    So where have you been. Been missing and worrying about you 😦

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