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April 6, 2011

For now, most of the earlier posts are still hidden, and I haven’t activated the new archive site yet. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure where to go from here. I’m sure I’ll bring at least a bit of the old stuff back. I just need to get the new part of the changes straightened out first. Reading my blog is sometimes a bit too much like being inside my head.

As for new, I’m finally making use of my tumblr, as a place to discuss whatever books I’m reading. Interesting book related tidbits from other tumblr users will also find their way in. I was surprised to find out I had a jessicaland tumblr. I have at least a half-dozen other tumblr blogs, most of them being completely random names no one would connect to me. Apparently, at some point during my frequent, yet inconsistent, episodes of screwing around on tumblr these past few years, I was smart enough to secure the one name that really matters. Go me!

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