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Another List Edition

September 27, 2010

It has been awhile since I posted a list. So today I present to you a list of random things that have been on my mind recently, in no particular order.

  • Ever since I posted a comment about my friend Larry’s upcoming show in Brooklyn and added that all the cool kids would be there, I haven’t been able to get Screeching Weasel’s “Cool Kids” out of my head:

  • There’s now less than one month before Saw VII, aka Saw 3D, opens. Lion’s Gate has confirmed that Cary Elwes will be back to reprise the role of Dr. Gordon. I marked the one month milestone by indulging in a marathon of I through III, which is always a clear-cut sign that a new Saw is approaching. You can watch the trailer here. (Cary Fucking Elwes! I can’t help but wonder though, is it just going to be a flashback, à la Amanda returning in new scenes in all the Saw films following her death in Saw III? )
  • Last week I picked up my new glasses. I pretty much always wear contacts, so I only get new glasses every five to ten years. I ended up having to spend a large sum of money to max out my health care reimbursement account contributions when I left my job, and I planned to use it, in part, for new glasses. For once, price could not hold me back. I took D. with me to help pick them out, as he’s a good adviser on these matters. Unfortunately, the pair of glasses we both liked the best weren’t even close to the most expensive, which was upsetting because it still left me with a bunch of money in the account. I worked through some of that by having them do every awesome thing possible to the lenses themselves. Anyhow, I have my new glasses. They are totally cute, and very geek chic. I love them, and have considered wearing glasses in public more often.

  • Phish finally announced plans for this year’s new year’s run, beginning with the fact that there will be a new year’s run and confirming the venue to be Madison Square Garden, as largely speculated among Phish fans. MSG was the site of my first Phish show. I am seriously considering making the trip, but I’m hoping that I can score a 12/31 ticket and forgo the other dates. However, for the first time in Phish history, they are playing a show on 1/1, and I’m questioning whether I should just hit that one too, since it’s a first, and it’s on the ones: 1/1/11. I’m praying for lottery, as always but especially this time around. I really can’t take another heart-racing Phish challenge against the masses during public on-sale.
  • I finally figured out why I picked up the old writing project I talked about a few days ago. I watched The Hours last week, which loosely inspired the story. It’s a fantastic film that I highly recommend; a must-see for any Virginia Woolf fan. (The Hours was the original title of Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.)


Good Old War performing “Coney Island” on If You Make It‘s Pink Couch Sessions:

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