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A Daily Dose of Awesome

September 23, 2010

I’ve been rather productive the past couple of days. I’ve done some writing, but much more conceptualizing. Unfortunately, it was for a project I didn’t intend to work on at all. Its something I started last summer/fall that sort of just fell aside with the new year, which was most likely a good thing; I needed to put it away for a bit. For whatever reason, it re-entered my mind and demanded effort. The story is a long one, and fairly advanced. It needs a lot of attention though, and I’m not sure how I feel about using my time and effort on this older project. It has real potential though, I think.

Other than that, I read a book, did some planning on the packing ordeal, and researched a number of things. One of those things, being the reason for this post: Cell Stories. (I linked it, but have no idea what you see when accessing it from a computer. I know I’ve done it, just ages ago. I’m also posting this using the WP Blackberry app, which is not great at many things, including properly formatted quoting, as evidenced by the italicized text below, which is an excerpt from Cell Stories’ About page.)

Why CellStories?
Because we still think the best place for something wonderful to read is in the palm of your hand and, when you combine the amazing technology of modern web-enabled phones and mobile devices with some of the best short-form writing around, something incredible can happen. Like this!

Why can’t I read these stories from my computer?
Because why would you want to read something amazing while sitting at a desk? Instead, grab a beer and sprawl out on the couch, or take your lunchbreak under a shady tree, and then read. Much better, right? We think so too.

Who’s behind this idea?
CellStories was conceived and built by Daniel Sinker, who was the founding editor of Punk Planet magazine in another life. Thankfully, the death of print meant discovering something much more valuable: mobile publishing. But that previous life also meant that he met a great number of authors, publishers, and other Really Interesting People, many of whom were kind enough to supply some of the great pieces you’ve read.

Having all this free time, I leisurely sat down with my phone today, and immersed myself in Dan Sinker’s mobile short-story project. I call it research and it was truly delightful. It only takes 10-15 minutes to read a single story. So you’ve got no excuse not to give it a try, if you have any interest in the project.

Aside: I also spent most of the day fairly hungover. The drinking and the conceptualizing, at least for the story discussed here, go together nicely. My desire to remain horizontal for most of the day certainly aided the book and short-story reading, as well as some less-than productive twittering.

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