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Precious Memories

September 14, 2010

Today, I am taking all the pictures in my office down. I know it seems early, but it is a part of embracing change.

You may be asking yourself, what pictures does she have in her office?

Pictures include: a Lissa Lush print, photos of Gaudi Park, scenic photos from atop Lookout mountain in Chattanooga, photos of Nice (France), and a photo of Zack Kahn, taken on South Beach minutes before sunrise 1/1/04, holding a cigarette while playing his harmonica. The Zack photo is priceless, and, of course, there is a Kahn Artist sticker pinned to it.

So, I’ve taken them all down, which is a little sad. Some of these photos have been in each of my offices over the past 5 years. On the downside, it makes the reality that I’m not going to have an office anytime in the near future more concrete. I will have my office at home, where I always have alternate versions of the same photos, but its not quite the same, since no one is going to walk in, ask me about the photos, and give me a chance to relay the high points of the associated memories.

Embracing change is the theme of the week.

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  1. ant permalink
    September 14, 2010 10:33 am


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