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The Wisdom of Whores

July 19, 2010

Elizabeth Pisani is certainly one of my heroes. Her blog is amazing, and since I’ve done some Blog Talk this morning, I wanted to take a sec to draw attention to the content over at the Wisdom of Whores blog.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is an epidemiologist who has spent over a decade working on the defining epidemic of our age – HIV. She’s done research and worked as an advisor for the Ministries of Health of China, Indonesia, East Timor and the Philippines, and has also provided analysis and policy advice to UNAIDS, the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, US Centres for Disease Control and many others. She is especially interested in trying to ensure that HIV prevention programmes are guided by sensible analysis of high quality information. In 2010, she founded the public health consultancy Ternyata. For more information about her life as a nerd, please go to her professional site: Ternyata – Public Health Consultancy

Getting to meet and have a nice long chat with Elizabeth is one of the high points of both my academic and my sex worker activist lives.

Pisani’s book, The Wisdom of Whores, is naturally a must-read for those involved in HIV/AIDS research!

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