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Feminist Submission

July 12, 2010

Doing a little research this morning, I came across this series on feminist submission. I haven’t thoroughly explored it yet, but it is a little peek into what is going on in my mind today.

And a little excerpt:

I also read a description of D/s that further fit my thoughts on feminism. Tristan Taormino in The Village Voice ( wrote that “successful D/s relationships are like well-choreographed dances: there is a clear leader and a clear follower and both partners get a lot out of their respective roles. The dominant provides structure and guidance, and the submissive wants to surrender control. Each person has equal power within the relationship, but the dominant has more authority”.

The key to the D/s relationship is the power exchange. The submissive gives the power to the Dom, who then controls her. (I am going to use male Doms and female subs for this argument. Female Dommes are an obvious indication of feminism I think). Yet the submissive retains the power to call ‘yellow’ (or God forbid ‘red’) and regain control. In reality, the submissive is powerful all the time, whereas the Dom is powerful only with her willingness. Considering Taormino’s definition of both partners having equal power, this falls into even the traditional definition of feminism as social equality between the sexes.

The ability to choose one’s path is the ultimate goal of social feminism. A woman interested in the bdsm lifestyle has multiple choices open to her. She can submit to either a male or female Dom/me, she can choose to be a Domme herself, or she can follow the ultimate feminist choice – switch and be whatever she wishes whenever she wishes.

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  1. July 12, 2010 7:28 pm

    Excerpt from the series:

    “I believe that in the BDSM community, we should search for the Dom or sub who would allow us to best express ourselves. This strong and equal partnership, based on the needs and fulfillment of both sides, truly fits my definition of feminism as ‘the search for equality’.”

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