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Excuse me . . .

February 5, 2008

When did dancers at Scores become the final word when it comes to what strippers think?

Perez Hilton Sez Strippers Care

The ladies of the night have spoken, and they’re backing Hillary Clinton!

Just because they shake their titties for a living doesn’t mean they aren’t politically minded.

The girls of Scores in NYC remind you to vote tomorrow.

Hillary’s got the exotic dancer vote, does she have YOURS?

I could be wrong, but there’s something in my gut—experience, perhaps—telling me that the managers at Scores have more to do with this political PR buzz than the dancers.

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  1. Amanda Brooks permalink
    February 5, 2008 5:16 pm

    I do remember that back in 2000, several of the strip clubs in Dallas got a bus to take employees to vote against Bush (and his “family values”). But I don’t remember this making the papers, it was just discussed in the locker room and on a website for Dallas strip clubs.Scores tries so damn hard to stay in the news. I could certainly do without Perez Hilton’s commentary: “Ladies of the night”? That means hookers, you idiot. XX

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